• Webinar: Population Health & Opioid Addiction Monitoring

    New Forward Health Group webinar: The Future is Now – Population Health and Opioid Addiction Monitoring – Sponsored by Forward Health Group on May 25, 2016 10:00 AM CDT at:

    Join Forward Health Group for a quick, 30 minute introduction, a fast-paced primer on the ins and outs of population health management – the road to value-based care. We’ll describe how MADC members can benefit from new population health management strategies and tools as they adapt to the coming value-based world. Best practices in managing opioid addictions included.

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FastForward to Value-Based Care

Only Forward Health Group has the ability to speed your transition to value-based care. With data you can trust, measures that matter, and an ability to truly engage doctors, Forward Health Group quickly and cost-effectively enables healthier patient populations, and a better bottom line.

Find out how we do it.

Value-based population health management at work. Here’s what real users of PopulationManager® have to say:

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    Director of AODA Services ARC Community Services


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    Triage Nurse Evanston Internal Medicine, Family Medicine & Dermatology Northwestern Medical Group


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    Medical Director Sacramento Family Medical Clinic


Check out more examples of how we’ve changed lives:
Instant, intuitive action lists help Sacramento Family care teams ID and intervene with at-risk chronic disease patients.
The ARCW is increasing routine screenings rates among its high-risk HIV patients.
If you’re going to change the way your care teams get data you have to ask hard questions starting with two little words: What if?

What if?

Start your journey to value-based care, now


With Forward Health Group you don’t spend excessive time and money on upfront data collection … or weigh down IT. We solve problems now, with the data you have and the measures you need. By giving clinicians visibility they’ve never had before they’re able to do the job they were born to do. So patients are healthier, costs in line and overall performance improved.

Take a smart start approach to population health management

How do we get results—and payback—in just 8 to 12 weeks? By analyzing your data upfront to identify focus areas that will make the greatest impact. Whether it’s hypertension, HIV, depression, acute episodic care, we’re on it, together. Our incremental approach lets you continually add areas of focus that give you the most bang for your buck, until all measures are covered.


  • Folks who trust our data:

“Yes! This is the information I need to take better care my patients.”

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The Forward Health Group team gets fired-up when a physician realizes the real value of our value-based population health solution. Nothing excites us as much as when we show doctors our amazing visualization tools—using their data. When they first see the possibilities (and they see them instantly) to make a difference in the lives of their patients we say, “Yes! That’s why we’re here.”

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Here’s what people are saying about PopulationManager®:

Improving outcomes? Can do. Talk to us about how we can help.




What’s on your population health management wish list? Easy data access? Engaged doctors? Valid clinical measures? Preserving your IT investment? Time-to-benefit? Talk to us. We can help