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    We’ll be there, unBoothing at HIMSS – February 29 thru March 4, 2016. Vegas. Fuzzy dice, magic tricks, fresh oranges and our famous 24 hour buffet. And – an extravaganza of population health artistry – you haven’t seen a booth like the FHG unBooth. Number 2477.  Of course. HIMSS16. FastForward yourself to our value-based population health management solutions. Read more.


Want to drive better patient outcomes?

We transform your health care data into fuel you can use to manage populations of patients effectively. That's real population health management.

Find out how we do it.

Real world population health management – how do we do it? Take a little trip…


By harvesting messy, health care data from all of your disparate data sources, transforming it into actionable metadata, and delivering intuitive results through PopulationManager®, a powerful web-based engine that reveals gaps in care. With clean data and smart population health management, you will do amazing things.

Actual examples of population health management at work? Here's what real users of PopulationManager say -

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    Director of AODA Services ARC Community Services


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    Triage Nurse Evanston Internal Medicine, Family Medicine & Dermatology Northwestern Medical Group


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    Medical Director Sacramento Family Medical Clinic


Or check out a few examples of how we’ve changed lives.
Instant, intuitive action lists help Sacramento Family care teams ID and intervene with at-risk chronic disease patients.
The ARCW is increasing routine screenings rates among its high-risk HIV patients.
If you’re going to change the way your care teams use data, you have to ask some very hard questions starting with two magical little words:

What if?

Get out of the Health IT implementation business and into the performance improvement business.


We give clinicians information they want and need but could never access. When they (and their teams) can leverage this information to do the job they were born to do, patients will be healthier, quality will go up and costs will go down. That’s where everyone is trying to go. With FHG, your information isn’t just a fuzzy pile of data, it’s transformed into focused, care coordination action lists that will become your organization’s richest asset.

The data you need to measure outcomes already exists in numerous platforms. We can help you leverage it.

Getting data right is the first step in your improvement journey. Traditional IT approaches like data warehouses and BI platforms are not solving anybody’s problems. Our approach to harvesting clinical and administrative data works. And to be clear, we don’t have a magical algorithm or a mystical black box. Instead, we build solid, clean denominators. Your data is better because we build the cohorts of patients that all of your stakeholders will recognize and accept as accurate. From there, you pick the numerators that align with your goals.

Not an empty claim, a promise.

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We whip your data into a lean, mean, outcomes improvement machine.

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To move the needle of patient care…to really, really improve care, you have to do more than just spit out data. You have to get the data right. That means organizing it, cleaning it, deciding what to measure, what to focus on and even then you can’t stop there. You have to present it intuitively so a care team can do something with it. Quickly. Efficiently.

Find out how.

And here’s what people are saying about it.

Improving outcomes? Can do. Talk to us about how we can help.




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