Since 2014, Forward Health Group has been the top-scoring provider of population health management solutions by KLAS™ Research. In early 2018, Forward Health Group earned the highest score in Clinician Engagement among population health vendors in KLAS Research’s highly regarded 2017 Population Health Management report, and exceeded market average in all six domains (labeled as “verticals”) that are monitored by KLAS.

KLAS highlighted Forward Health Group on its opening pages calling Forward Health Group a “Win” for Small ACOs and Hospitals. It also emphasized that Forward Health Group outperformed electronic medical vendors in Clinical Engagement.

The high ratings from customers on Clinician Engagement are a rich validation of Forward Health Group’s focus on clinician trust and participation. Forward Health Group, which has rated highly in previous studies is now the “runaway leader for clinicians, which is the issue of the day in value-based care,” said Michael Barbouche, Founder and CEO.

KLAS is the foremost research organization for health care information technology product and vendor performance. 

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Users of PopulationManager speak out

Now I just pull the data from the PopulationManager – I don't need to prepare the report. I can do monthly reports with a much shorter turnaround time, and we see exactly how the providers are performing. The system is an excellent management tool for analyzing where we are standing as a group.

Anonymous client of Forward Health Group

PopulationManager has basically been invisible to our IT department throughout the last year…PopulationManager has required little to no work for IT.

Anonymous client of Forward Health Group

Forward Health Group shines in normalizing and organizing data…Forward Health Group is still way ahead in terms of being able to make lists actionable by provider teams to track engagement with population-level activities. This applies, for instance, when someone needs a pap smear and we do everything we can to get it done. It is about getting data to non-data people in a way that makes a difference.

A director of medical quality

Judged by direct interviews with Forward Health Group’s users of PopulationManager®, KLAS said the company “is praised by their customers for their flexible, hands-on approach in helping each customer adjust the solution to their unique opportunities. Their solutions score highly for meeting the needs of providers at the point of care and for meeting the needs of care managers/coordinators and program administrators.

Anonymous client of Forward Health Group

Forward Health Group has given me the perfect tool to see data. I know exactly how each provider is doing. The EHR provides a very narrow view, but PopulationManager gives me a much better bird's-eye view. It gives me the management data to track provider performance and also promotes healthy competition between providers.

Anonymous client of Forward Health Group