All CMS-Qualified Registries are Not Created Equal

All CMS-Qualified Registries are Not Created Equal

With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) MACRA Quality Payment Program and its associated MIPS track moving into high gear, it’s no surprise that the use of a CMS-approved Qualified Registry (QR) is catching on among clinicians, providers, and health systems. A QR is a tool by which data is easily submitted to CMS for evaluation and annual bonus consideration.

Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® is certified by CMS as a Qualified Registry for the 2017 performance year. This is good news for those hoping to maximize their MIPS bonus incentives. But besides simply organizing a client’s data and submitting to CMS, no other QR actually addresses and enables the primary strategic goal of MACRA/MIPS – patient outcomes improvement.

Can Your QR Do This?

PopulationManager is the only QR solution on the market that maximizes data from all sources—EHRs, payor claims, practice management platforms, labs, patient captured results—and delivers clinician engagement through clinically intuitive performance measurement and stunning data visualization tools. Clinicians use PopulationManager to focus on patient-level, point-of-care quality improvement support and aggregation of measures within a single health care provider organization. It is a complete population health management platform and a QR in one powerful package.

Further Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® and its advanced Data Stewardship™ technology provides a remarkably simple way to select your MIPS measures, map them to all your relevant data sources (EHRs, claims, labs etc.) going all the way back to January 1, 2017. A proven, elegant approach to MIPS reporting, Forward Health Group gives you a competitive advantage in MIPS. Unlike your competition who will submit only partial year data from some static jerry-rigged EHR module (and MIPS being a budget neutral program, there are winners and losers), you will have the benefit of your full year of complete and accurate outcomes improvement.

The first measurement period for MIPS commenced on January 1, 2017. Clinicians that do not submit data spanning the entire 2017 calendar year will forfeit eligible bonus payments through the year 2026. Forward Health Group’s Data Stewardship process enables practices with cumbersome, time-consuming EHR implementations to forego the next upgrade cycle and still report for the entire calendar year.

Forward Health Group was approved for all two hundred and seventy-one quality measures available under MIPS. Practices that use PopulationManager can also earn significant “bonus” points under MIPS that increase reimbursement, avoid payment penalties, and decrease staff & technology expense.

It’s true – all QRs are not created equal.

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