HCC Elevation™

Elevate Your HCC Coding and Capture

For appropriate HCC assignment, CMS requires documentation by a qualified health care provider to support submitted diagnosis codes (and HCCs) to occur at least once each calendar year following a face-to-face visit.

FHG clients seek to identify patients with an inaccurate/low Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) in order to proactively schedule clinic visits or to increase provider awareness during previously scheduled encounters.

Often, identifying the right code can change HCC trajectory and drive improvement of outcomes by addressing gaps in care.

FHG’s population health solution improves HCC’s in four distinct ways:

  1. Harnesses data from all available disparate sources, including EHR, claims, laboratory and pharmacy.
  2. Produces a comprehensive patient-level clinical code history.
  3. Delivers the right data to the right care team members (via role based visualizations).
  4. Improves efficiency for both clinical and non-clinical staff.

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