Implementation Timeline

Plan & Engage

After numerous investments in health IT platforms and services, what value do you still need to yield from your data? Forward Health Group will help you answer this question first – “What can we measure right now?” Project overview, scope, rapid implementation timeline, initial deliverables. Bring all the key players into one room with a whiteboard (we’ll bring the whiteboard markers). Forward Health Group assigns clinical, analytical and project management resources.

Data StewardshipTM

Your data is messy. It’s truly, completely, entirely complex and full of thorny issues. There are numerous, conflicting, diverse data pathways to review. Our job is to sort through that chaos and distill the data strategy that works for your measurement goals given these disparate data sources. Forward Health Group’s ongoing, iterative data process delivers the clean data your clinicians will trust. Your data is rigorously aligned, cleaned, attributed, and validated before it is published for your review.

QA & Validation

Data is loaded into the PopulationManager® platform. Your data has been transformed into measures & metrics, numerators & denominators, green bars (good control) & red bars (poor control). Whether in the form of a data mart, an Action List, a CMS submission, or an elegant visualization, your data now informs your improvement roadmap. Forward Health Group’s clinical & data teams keep a watchful eye on the volatility and inconsistencies in your data and as your data shifts, Forward Health Group shifts.

Launch & Engage

When your data is accessed in a clinically intuitive manner, clinicians’ attitudes change for the better. Forward Health Group continues to harvest data for daily, weekly or monthly refreshes. Your measures will have to be tweaked. Your data sources will shift (often). Forward Health Group’s account management team assesses workflow and continues to drive engagement across your organization–MAs, schedulers, data analysts, and even the CFO, will become owners of their data. Goals and outcomes reviewed and adjusted, ROI achieved.