HealthLinc: Driving Population Health Improvement

October 20, 2015

HealthLinc: Driving Population Health Improvement

HealthLinc CEO Beth Wrobel and CIO Melissa Mitchell talk about improving outcomes in Indiana using PopulationManager®.


HealthLinc is a fully qualified health center. We serve really northern Indiana with 6 different clinics soon to be the 7th. It’s very diverse population. One thing that goes with all of them is they all have chronic diseases. That’s what we really are here for is to give them access to care but then to make their lives and the communities we serve better.

As Chief Information Officer I see the information behind what our providers need to treat the patients. Most times you don’t see providers getting very excited about numbers. They’re very excited about patients. The Guideline Advantage presents it to providers in a way that I’ve not been able to do before so that they can be invested in what that information is and how that can help their patients.

Using The Guideline Advantage has really helped to put the pieces of the puzzle altogether for us in one place. If we have a diabetic that comes in we’re going to know right away what we need to do to treat them today. Is it an A1C? Do they need some blood work done? It’s very easy in the guideline advantage to look at that patient and see quickly what we need to do for them today.

There are many things that we’re able to see in the guideline advantage that were really hard to pick and pull out of our system. By doing work with your team and the guideline advantage we have been able to really put all that together into one clear picture of what we need to treat our patients.

We have a great EHR. We can see that individual patient, but we couldn’t see the big picture. That was one of the reasons that we started looking for population health and especially population health with TGA, is to be able to get that big picture, and not only work on the individual patients but see are there processes and things that we could be doing as an organization to improve those chronic disease, whether it’s how we treat diabetics, hypertensive, cancer, screenings, that type of thing. When you have that big picture that’s when you can go in and really make a difference in the communities we serve.

The future of medicine, right? It’s where everybody’s at, and HealthLinc is really always trying to be on the leading edge of that. Whether that means that we’re doing telemedicine, whether that means that we are taking care of patients in a different setting than normal, what that means to us is that we’re trying to make the experience for patients better all the time.


October 20, 2015