Clinical Measure Intelligence™

Forward Health Group’s clinical informaticists take pride in being able to accommodate any measure from any source.  Using our proprietary Clinical Measure Intelligence™ process, our team quickly identifies gaps and information needs from any measure source and, as a result, you receive adapted and modified measures. These measures will not only meet your reporting needs but your quality improvement and incentive program needs as well — and you’ll be equipped to maximize incentives.

  • Understand measure needs
  • Determine measure source
  • Identify the data elements
  • Identify the data sources to fit data needs
  • Determine measure value and accuracy in representing reality
  • Adapt authored measures into more valued pieces

Source Documentation

Our clinical informaticists meticulously draft measures and provide our clients with source documents that identify the numerator(s), denominators(s), definitions, data elements, validity dates and other necessary information pertaining to the measure.

The measures are reviewed regularly and on an as-needed basis by the client as regulations and requirements change. This keeps our clients’ measure libraries up-to-date and relevant to the initiatives they are working on. It also keeps our data scientists and web developers apprised of any updates to measures and data queries made during the client’s specified refresh process.