Using claims and EHR data that is fully attributed, cleansed and aligned, Forward Health Group introduces a patented revolutionary new data visualization platform that gives you the ability to zoom in and out of your patients’ journey of care. Now it’s easy to select populations, patients, or networks, tracking care over time in and out of your networks. Without IT involvement, PopulationCompass® produces revelatory views of your patients’ experience – giving you the ability to see your weak spots, identify your blind spots – and build on your strengths. Finally, with PopulationCompass, you have the tools you need to begin to reduce network leakage, coordinate care across networks, improve collaboration and achieve better outcomes.

Can your data do this?®

Features & Benefits

Decrease costs while maximizing incentives through shared savings, pay for quality, PCMH, MIPS, MACRA and more.

Identifies Care Utilization Patterns

Understand and change patient/provider care behavior to maximize revenue.

Pinpoints ``Problem`` Providers

Identify those providers who have worrisome patient out-of-network patterns.

Drives Care Coordination Between Providers

Specialty and primary care providers are now on the same page.

Analyze Network Leakage

Discovers causes of lost revenue quickly and easily.